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At VN Medical Translations we provide life science translation services in both directions of the English-Greek language combination, tailored to the needs of each customer. From the big company to the individual client, all projects are handled securely and in confidence, with the same combination of expert knowledge and personal care.

VN Medical Translations
Who we are

VN Medical Translations was established at the beginning of 2018, when its owner, Vangelis Ntougkos, decided to leave a career in biomedical research spanning a decade, to (re)walk the path of translations. Ever since, we have been committed to the delivery of top-quality translation services in the challenging sector of life sciences from/to English and Greek.

What makes us stand out from others is that life sciences is what we excel in: we understand the subject matter, we can express it equally well in both our working languages and we take great pride in delivering each project with the utmost care.

No matter what the task at hand is, accuracy is guaranteed! With English as our mother tongue in science, and being native in Greek, at VN Medical Translations we are committed to translations that feel equally natural in both languages.

We are big because we are small!  We offer a personalised approach to each and every client; we place great value on our collaborations – from the standing ones to the one-off project.

Who we are
Our Services
Providing solutions in the life sciences

VN Medical translations is dedicated to providing high-quality translation services across life sciences. Have a look below to find out what we specialise in, and get in touch for a particular project or to learn more about our solutions.

One-stop translation
One-stop translation

Comprehensive project management and execution

Expert revision & review
Expert revision & review

Upgrading your scientific translation

Beyond life sciences
Beyond life sciences

Meeting all your needs

One-stop translation

So, you have a project in life sciences?

This is the all-in-one solution for you.

We provide the expert translation.

We edit, check and double-check using professional tools that minimise error and ensure consistency.

And we always deliver on time.

At VN Medical Translations, our experience spans all fields of the (bio-)medical and pharmaceutical industries. Examples include:

> Medical devices (manuals, technical specifications, etc)
> Pharmaceutical products (e.g. SPCs/PLs)
> Clinical trials
> Medical reports and claims
> Medical marketing
> Scientific articles & presentations
> Healthcare provider websites
> HTA applications
> Veterinary products

And many more…

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One-stop translation
Expert revision & review

It is our belief that life science translations should be handled by life scientists. Nevertheless, scientific precision can also be ensured at the stage of revision, making corrections and changes that upgrade the text as if it were both written and translated by a scientist.

Alternatively, you might already have translated your scientific article and wish to make sure that the language is accurate and natural.

Or, you might want to adapt your project to be addressed to a particular audience.

In these and many other instances, depending on your needs, we can rework a translation project to make it… just perfect!

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Expert revision & review
Beyond life sciences

A biomedical company does not only deal with scientific projects – a contract might need to be translated, or a bid for a public tender, for example.

With considerable experience in legal and financial translations, we can also help you meet translation needs that extend beyond the scope of life sciences.

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Beyond life sciences
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